2019 Field Blast Information and Schedule

Parents and participants of Field BLAST, below you will find all of the information you will need to know for Field BLAST 2019. 

N2 Students BLAST Information

Leave For Blast: Thursday, June 6th @ 8am

Returning to NapNaz: Saturday, June 8th @ 2:30pm


15 Passenger Van

Ken and Gabby Behrens' SUV and Van (10)

Jordan and Kelsey Braun’s SUV (5)

Contact Info - Pastor Ken (918)644-0856, kbehrens@napnaz.org

What to Bring:

-Money for one meal on the road (for trip home)

-$6 for Lunch on Thursday at MVNU

-Concessions and snack money (not required)

-Anything needed for performances or sports (instruments, music for judges, cd tracks, knee pads, practice balls)

-Hygiene supplies & towels (Showering daily is required!)

-Bedding (Students will sleep on Mattresses). 

-You can bring phones, however if they become a distraction then an adult sponsor will hold on to it for you until the end of BLAST.

What Not To Bring:

Items you don’t have to have / Weapons of any kind

Anything that makes fire on purpose / Bad Attitudes

Other Info:

-Payment for BLAST ($90) must be payed before we leave the parking lot of NapNaz.

-Students are only allowed to be transported by N2 Adult Volunteers to and from events and locations at MVNU. We will walk most places so be prepared.

-Students will be responsible to follow their schedule for events. N2 Adult Volunteers will do their best to be at events and to help follow all of the different brackets and events, but students are responsible for being where they need to be when they need to be there.

-Students will need $6 each for lunch at MVNU on Thursday. Students will also need money for lunch on Saturday for the return trip home. 

-Students will need to manage their own money, if they spend it before Saturday then they will go hungry. It’s not up to N2 Leaders or other students to pay for students who miss managed their money.

-Students will have the freedom to go where they want on campus during competitions and free time, however we need to support our fellow N2 students when possible. 

-Services and meals are NON-NEGOTIABLE. Students must eat every meal (Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner) and be in every service.

-If we do not have students in the closing ceremonies we will leave early on Saturday morning after Breakfast and room clean up. Students will contact parents to let them know if that happens and what time we will arrive back at NapNaz.

Schedule and Handbook Link

The BLAST Schedule can be found by clicking here.

The BLAST Handbook can be found by clicking here.